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other mother

saniika in labyfic

Springfest entry numero uno

Hello, guys!

I shall have the pleasure to post as first, hope I didn't keep you waiting for long. Hope you will like it.

Title: Jealousy
Author: saniika
Medium: fanart/comic
Rating: general (K) - am not really familiar with rating labels, sorry - it is suitable for any age

Jareth is jealous. About whom, I leave that up to you. *grin*

Since my native language is not english and I haven't had any beta, please excuse any grammar mistakes.
Comic was made traditionally, text added in photoshop.

Happy spring everyone <3


I love it. You are very talented with your artwork. He's totally jealous of Sarah, I'm sure of it :)
Thank you! :D
I love the angle on the third panel! I'd love to see Jareth with a daisy chain. It would have to be of epic proportions just to get past his fluffy hair. :)
Id love to see that too :P
Thank you!
Well that brightened my day. :) The grammar seems fine to me. :) It's lovely, I love it a lot. It's adorable and funny. :D
Oh, makes me glad - Thank you! :D
He is so kind... a real cutie :D isnt he?
Thank you! :D
What a LOVELY way to start Springfest! Your Jareth and Sarah in the last panel are simply stunning. Honestly, that's one of the best Jareth's I've ever seen.

I love Jareth's supercilious 'You may teach me' and Hoggle's little crown of flowers, not to mention how you only show him from the eyes up in the last panel. Wonderful!! I am so tickled with this!!

Thank you!
Thank you! :D
I am glad I didnt screw up and even more glad you liked it.
Youre most welcome! *tickle some more*
Oh that is just perfect, doesn't Hoggle look pretty? And it's just so Jareth!
He does, he does - a lovely prince of flower-chains! :D
Thank you! :D
Excellent drawings, of Hoggle in particular.
Thats true, I had most fun with Hoggle while drawing them all.
Thank you! :D
Bwahahaha, love it-- Hoggle with his flowers, Jareth with his riding crop. Marvellous. ;D

Only I agree, now we need to see Jareth bedecked in all his floral glory!
pssst--- I had a lot of J/H thoughts and hints in head, you know just because of you... (I still read from time to time the tiny bit on your LJ) :D

Glad you liked it! :) And I am not against it, id love to see or read about flower crowned Jareth. Actually now I am curious if someone else wont take the idea into working.
LOL! Now, now... don't blame me for any Jareth/Hoggle plot bunnies, I'm completely innocent. *g*

By the way, I totally love your submission saniika. Good fan art is so hard to find, and that is definitely good fan art.

Careful, we must be easy on her, we might scare her (no more J/H plotbunnies!!! D:) She deserves pampering, tea and cookies :P

Thank you rikkitsune, I appreciate it :)
If I might suggest awesome fanart be sure to check out these people:
http://pika-la-cynique.deviantart.com/gallery/772062 (you might want to dig more in her gallery tho)
same goes for:
aaaand... cant remember more people in the moment OTL sorry...
Aww ... lovely - and I really like the delicate colors!
Thank you very much! :)
Oh this is great! Well done! Thanks for sharing.
Thank you very much, youre most welcome!
What fun! I love how Jareth loomed ominously in the second panel, tapping his riding crop all thunder and storm. Thank you ;)
Youre most welcome, glad you liked it :) thanks!
Aww, this is so cute. "You may teach me" indeed!