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Breadcrumb trail to dreamwidth

Hello, my lovelies -- as promised, the imminent things.

A dreamwidth-based labyfic community can now be found here. This enables us to deal with some of the issues that were becoming difficult with lj (ex: preventing junk anonymous posting).

For now, I and the wondrous womanroaring will be taking the administrative helm over at dreamwidth. There, for instance, you'll currently find this month's drabble challenge.

So, please, jooooooooiiiiin us over there...joooooooiiiin ussssssss...one of usssss....

While we'll keep an eye out for cross-posting capabilities, it seems that currently cross-posting is only allowed to personal accounts and not to communities. So, for now, please join us over at the dreamwidth labyfic community if you can. We'll be waiting for you. :D
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The plan

So, based on the poll results, it seems like this is the best plan:

(1) set up a labyfic community over at Dreamwidth
(2) leave a link from this community to that one
(3) Enable the cross-posting feature maq_moon mentioned in the comments if possible, to enable community continuity

Stay tuned for this to happen imminently, along with this month's drabble challenge!
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Poll: Moving labyfic community to dreamwidth?

A couple of members (myself included) have noticed that livejournal is feeling a bit less hospitable than it used to, for a variety of reasons. Given this, I'd like to find out how many people would follow a labyfic community at Dreamwidth.

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So, please let me know your thoughts by voting below by September 7:
Poll #2072075 Move to Dreamwidth?

Would you support moving the labyfic over to Dreamwidth?

No, I'd rather stay here at livejournal

And please feel free to leave any additional thoughts you might have in the comments section.

Challenge 33: AHAB

Challenge: 33
Title: Ahab
Word Count: 1821
A/N: Um... it's a dark!fic. Based on the song "In All My Dreams I Drown" from "The Devil's Carnival". I was just being innocent and eating applesauce and my brain said, "HEY, DO THIS THING." I continue to be a disappointment to my friends and family.
Excerpt: "You thought such trivialities could protect you from me? From atonement? No, Precious. I don't think so. You know the stories."

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