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In Search of New Dreams: A Labyrinth Fan Community
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A community for Labyrinth fan fiction, fan art, and fan discussion.
This is a Fanfiction community for the movie Labyrinth, starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie as everyone's favorite Goblin King.

This community is for sharing in fanfiction and disscussion of the places, characters, and relationships found therin.

All discussion and opinions are welcome as well as art and icons if you have any to offer, as long as they are intelligent and intelligible and related to Labyrinth.

This community is also the site of labyrinth fiction challenges. These are the rules.

1) New challenges will be posted every other Tuesday afternoon or evening (by midnight at the latest) by one of the three moderators (norgbelulah, aliasheist, and dmacabre). No time limit will be enforced on the creative process unless specifically noted in the challenge. There will be no specific deadline for submission. Writers are permitted to look into the challenge archives (located in the community's memories) for creative prompting at any time and they are also encouraged to post the fruit of their efforts at any time.

2) All submitted material must be new or substantially revised older work that is related to the prompt.

3) All submissions will be posted under lj-cuts, labeled like so...
Challenge #
Author's Notes:

(lj-cut here) and the text of the fic
...if you don't know how to use an lj-cut, directions can be found here.

4) The variety and type of prompts can be anything. The short list is, a specific scene, a what-if situation, a few mandatory objects or ideas, one word or phrase, or a picture. If the prompt chosen for a certain fortnight could be potentially difficult for certain readers, such as song lyrics or a controversial subject, an alternate prompt may also be included. All challenge posts will be listed as memories, for easy location if you miss it or want to go back to earlier prompts.

All types and genre of fiction are welcome, if the subject matter could be construed as offensive to some readers please say so in the author's notes.

As previously stated, there is no time or legnth limit, however, if you post an unusually long fic, or a fic with multiple chapters, please say so in the author's notes for the reader's convenience.

If you archive your original fic elsewhere on the web, or develop it and post elsewhere, we would appreciate a mention in your author's notes that you got your idea from this community's challenge.

Please don't be shy about responding to challenges, or if you just want to read, please comment!

You may respond to any challenge, past or present, just make sure to note which challenge you are responding to and note it in your post's title or author's notes.

***All writers enjoy encouragement, so feel free to squee as much as you like. Constructive criticism is welcome where expressly solicited by the author. If the author does not request concrit, please do not be so presumptuous as to offer it anyway. No flames either, it's just not classy.***

In addition, the mods offer fair warning that any member not in compliance with the above polite requests will be banned. This is a moderated and monitored community, we're allowed to do that.

Good Luck and Good Writing!

Much love,

Atsui / Norgbelulah

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Disclaimer: All characters and settings and events of Labyrinth belong to The Jim Henson Company.

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